This is your place to hear about social media trends. It is my objective as a young professional to cover all topics that are important to the world of social networks for a personal, professional, and corporate standpoint. Please feel free to interject, disagree, argue, scold, and even possibly praise my posts for I don't claim to know everything about anything, but I guarantee that I will try to have something to say about everything.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Social Media Selling Out And Do We Care?

Once again I am sitting here in the coffee shop doing the whole job search thing which consists of 50 percent job search, 50 percent checking social media, 50 percent drinking coffee.  Today is no different and once again I have seen something on the web that gave birth to a thought which is not giving birth to this blog.

The thing that I saw was a tweet saying that Google+ is laying the ground work for company Google+ pages. Now, I know this is what we have come to expect from social media, but is it what we want?
Think back to the original days of Facebook, when it was just pure networking uninterrupted with 7 different news feeds, Farmville, and advertisements. It was a simpler time when you could post at your leisure and not worry about your every move on the internet being observed by someone somewhere… in short; it was a safe place to network with friends and contacts. 

This safety however is long since gone and now you have to watch your every step and for good reason. Studies show that employers are using social media to research and screen employees, citizens are using it to study up on politics, and businesses are abusing it to find customers. These, as I understand are not what social networking sites were created for… in fact, I believe social networking sites such as Facebook were created for college students to get connected, socialize, network with one another, and share information. 

Now, in no way am I upset about the way things have gone, and am definitely not blaming the companies who use this ultimate resource to their advantage, I am just commenting on the progression that these seemingly harmless “social” companies are becoming more and more focused on allowing advertisers to reach the public instead of allowing the public to reach on another. 

The most applicable thing that I can compare it to in my mind is a rock band that started out blasting original sounds to a few faithful fans in their garage folding under the pressure of society to make music that is “popular” and not true to the bands self… but in a society where we often have to choose between what we are and a boat load of cash who can blame them.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stuck In A Rut- the story of a mud blogger

I am sitting here with about three word documents containing what seem to be the skeletons of three really low quality blogs that I can’t seem to push myself to publish. It is like each blog is a jacked up truck revving its way through a big mud whole and then WHAM! they hit a rut and sink into the mud forever. Recently it seems that everything that I write is going the way of the sunken mud bogger… or blogger

Realizing this caused me to take a step back and say well. If I was really out in the field with 4 trucks stuck in the mud, what would I do?... First, I would get the trucks unstuck… in the realm of driving trucks in mud, this is an easy fix, just run over get a bigger truck or tractor, hook it up to the stuck truck and pull her on outta there. Next, since I have never been one to back down from a good time in the mud, I line my truck back up at the start and get ready to go. Before slamming down on the gas however I would take a second to think about what caused me to get stuck on the previous run….

Most of the time when rooting around in the mud getting stuck is the result of an ill planned approach; you are lined up wrong, don’t have enough speed, too much speed, or a laundry list of other things that can cause you to go from 30 to 0 in less than a second (an uncomfortable jolt if you haven’t experienced it). Once taking a second look, I would get lined up and go for it.

This moment of evaluation is what I think I have been missing. I have not taken the time to look at why things are not moving forward and instead have just been running right back into the mud to get stuck again. It seems that this moment is often an overlooked action that quite people and businesses in their anxiousness to get moving again.

During one of my internships I had been put in charge of running the social media and on more than one occasion was confronted about something that I had posted, received a slap on the wrist, and then was sent on my way for the cycle to repeat itself, or to run another truck into the bog to get stuck. If in that case we (being me and the ones slapping my wrists) would have taken a moment to think “why are these posts being disapproved of?” maybe they would have stopped... 

Maybe this is just a fatal flaw of my own person being that it has seemed to begin to creep into other areas of my life, but I am hoping that since I have highlighted the dirty little [insert unspeakable word here] I can wring its neck and then stomp the life out of it eliminating the flaw for myself and the rest of humanity…. Regardless I am going to try and work on it and hope that you do to so you stop getting your truck stuck in the mud and can move on to the mud hole. 

If the advise doesn't help, I hope you can at least take joy in this guy getting himself stuck!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

iPhone Post.

This is my first and more than likely last post that I am writing via my phone. It is a ridiculously trying tasking being that my thumbs are sausages and I can hardly hit two keys at once, let alone one, but I thought it would make for an interesting write.

Now for as long as I can remember bigger has been better... TVs, Trucks, Numbers in a bank account, the list goes on and on. There are occasional differences however. There are cell phones, surgery scars, skinny jeans (what a stupid trend), and waist sizes all desired to be smaller. This limited opposition to the bigger is better army is what gives birth to such ridiculous apps such as this.

I love micro-blogging/tweeting from my phone don't get me wrong, but there is a reason for the character limit.... THIS IS A STRAIN!... My eyes are getting sore from focusing on the small screen and my thumbs are getting a work out. I am not sure of the health repercussions not including my soon approaching insanity.

Totally separate from that is the functionality. Who is that desperate to blog that they would endure this on a regular basis. Are there people who are riding the train right now unable to access their computer needing to publish a post about the smelly man next to them? Outrageous.

Out of this I was able to find one positive attribute from this blogger mobile app. It allows the user edit on the go. I don't know how many times my sister has called me saying "you sound like an uneducated redneck, learn how to spell" to which i respond "...I'm an educated redneck..." and then sprint away to my laptop to fix the mistake, which I'm sure there are plenty in this post because it has been hard enough writing it and I could bare rereading it again on this tiny screen.

Hope you liked the post. I'm done. Later.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tweeting on Behalf of Another

So, I have slowly been trying to get myself into volunteering with a candidate’s campaign for congress helping out with social media. I have not had a chance to jump right in, which is understandable because this isn’t like tweeting my new favorite restaurant or my current activity, this is tweeting things that could supposedly get a man elected (or not) into a government office.

Now, I have sent tweets on behalf of companies before and have always been rather relaxed about it because for some reason I felt like the tension wasn’t cranked as high. While at the companies it was always post something that aligned with the industry that the company was in and you are pretty much fine. It seems now after thinking more about it and reflecting on a previous post about having an intern at the helm of your ship … maybe I was wrong.

Maybe there isn’t a difference in representing a person running for office and a company. Both have reputations that can be tarnished, both have belief systems, both have values. Why have I had no trouble in the past posting on behalf of companies in the past and am so cautious with this man’s political campaign? …He is human.

I know that recently the government supposedly made corporations people with rights in some amendment, but that doesn’t mean that they have a relatable face and personality. When thinking about creating drafts to be reviewed for the campaign twitter I found myself asking “would he say this?” … “Does this align with the campaign message?”  I believe this is because I am able to identify that there is a clear cut message to align with and deviating from that message could have consequences and when working with companies in the past, I was unable to identify with that message… or find it at all.

Eventually I came to the realization that until you can find yourself caring about the effects of tweets before you post them, maybe you shouldn’t be helping with the social media. Which brings be back to companies need to make sure that the people representing them online understand their message and are invested in that message and care about how it is interpreted by the public, just like I find myself caring about my contribution to Jack’s campaign.

Regardless, the campaign manager was way ahead of me with this idea because the current procedure is for me to create drafts and then he will approve and post the, which may seem like a waste of time, but when the stakes are the success of his candidate maybe it is worth it. Let, me know what you think…how do you control the risk of an unretractable tweet? Do you delegate it? Do it yourself? Something in between? Leave a comment and let me know.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are We Lowering Content Standards?

In a recent post on Digital B2B Marketing  by Eric Wittlake, he posed the opinion that Social Media was causing people to share lower quality content as a result of trying to meet the demand for a higher quantity of posts. At first I agreed with Mr. Wittlake, but as I toyed with the concept in my head I began to question the theory.

It seems that with the increased visibility and reach provided by social media that allows one user to have their content be viewed by untold amounts of people that they might think twice about the quality of what they are sharing. It is true that I am sure there are people out there, even me I am sure, who occasionally share a peace of content that doesn’t quite meet par, but to say that social media is lowering the quality of content all together is crazy.

There is too much high quality content to say that the standard has been lowered. Experts like Kyle Lacy, Doug Karr, Pete Cashmore, even Eric Wittlake and many many more share high quality content every day and I am not talking about sharing one of their personal blogs a day I mean sharing eight different articles from eight different blogs ALL of the highest quality. This is what causes me to believe social media is not lowering content quality. 

No, instead social media is just allowing lower quality content to be seen.

If you think that silly jokers weren’t trying to get crappy content published prior to social media then you are a silly joker yourself. They were mailing the crap to their family, friends, and publishers all trying to get someone to read them, but their stuff was not being shared to the masses because there was not efficient means of doing so.

So… to sum up I don’t agree that the quality of content is lowering, not even a little. What I do think is that most of quality of content being shared is rising, but social media is allowing content of poorer quality to be made visible and if a few crappy blog posts are the cost of all the benefits, well… I am willing to pay it. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Chinese Twitterphone

So the MTV VMA’s were last night and as you can assume the twitter world was cluttered with tweets about performances and award winners, both positive and negative. Many came out in full force to tweet their love of Adele’s soul moving performance as well as Lil-Weezey’s tight pants and some rather confusing tweets about Lady Gaga…. Or in light of some of the tweets Mr. Gaga???

I have not researched the topics very much yet, not being what you would call a “Pop culture expert” and thought this post would be better if written while still in my confused state. The nature of this post is to show the influence of a person or company’s actions on not only those who choose to follow you, but those who are friends with those people.

I understand that the rich and the famous do the things that they do on stage for a reason. They are carefully constructing their images so that we the public will stand in awe, but it seems that they often forget the dreaded Chinese telephone, or in this case twitterphone, effect. Point in case, Lady Gaga...I understand that she is not the most normal person in the world and I actually love her music. She has constructed some kind of reputation for herself. In no way can I begin to define her and maybe that is what she is going for, but according to tweets from last night she is a… sheman with junk who loves women and can’t make up her mind on if she likes meat or has meat…(a condensed compilation of about 12 tweets). This is outrageous.

Now realizing a company doesn’t really have a sexual orientation, the same thing can happen to companies. If a company makes a move that disagrees with a certain demographic they must realize that the Chinese twitterphone will take the actual action and throw it in a blender and unless they have carefully thought through the situation they may end up with an audience as confused as I am on Gaga.

I am not expert however, I believe that if you just take a second to think about what you are doing, realizing that your actions will have repercussions and then make the call if it is worth it or not. Then if you do decide to go for it, plan ahead to make sure your audience and their followers don’t turn you into a lesbian hermaphrodite which, if you are not, is not the most flattering of labels.

FYI I love Adele and really wish I would have seen her.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Interns and Social Media: by an Intern

This post is inspired by a post from a much wiser man than I, who has substantial more experience, Kyle Lacy. Anyway, I don’t want to dote on him, so I’ll move on to his post, “Do Not Leave Social Media to the Interns.”

As a former intern, I totally agree with this post and express the point of view of the intern who has said responsibility.

Now, I believe that it is more than possible for an intern to help manage a company’s social media strategy, the key word of that statement being “HELP”. I in past situations have run and/or controlled the social media of two different companies, the first was a smaller company in terms of social media presence and because they had less strict guidelines over what was being communicated to their audience, it was easier. I was able to easily align what I thought needed to be communicated to their audience with what the company’s personality was.

The second company was larger and much more difficult. When entering the position I was told to research the “best practices” on social media, which I did, referring to many different sites and blogs on internet marketing. With the information that I gathered I began to post what I saw as relevant comments on different social media sites. Many of the posts were relevant and relatable to the company and what it wanted to communicate to its audience…. And then there were some other posts… posts that some of the higher-ups didn’t quite believe aligned with the companies goals. Goals that didn’t exist in the best practices, documents that I was told to read… bummer I know.

SO… after all that rambling, my point is, if you are going to give your interns access to your social media accounts don’t refer them to a list of best practices and then spank them on the ass and tell them to hit the field. Instead, take control over your companies social media, delegate it to employees who have something invested in your company and know it inside and out.

And to you interns who have this responsibility slapped on you here is a tip. ASK what you should be posting…or use a tool that allows you to schedule your tweets a day in advance and then write them all out and have somebody (such as your boss) review them. If they seem too busy, then post something obscene and when they complain to you about it say something along the lines of “well I asked you to review them.”

There you have it, the honest opinion of a young professional who doesn’t know much. That last part about posting obscene things is a joke…. Kind of… no really it’s a joke.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Comment on Crisis Management

I recently had a very significant incident in my life where in I was the one and only person responsible for communicating updates in the situation to family and friends for short time. It was taxing. I was running in and out of rooms to find cell service and calling the same person several times in a row, because updates were flowing in like the beer flows out of an upside down bottle of Bud Diesel.

Regardless, many times during the whole situation I wanted to just tweet updates for everyone to follow (I didn’t because of the fact that most of the people I was updating would say something along the lines of “What the Heeellllll is Tweeeter”). Nonetheless it got the old brain going and opened my eyes to how easily a company/person can handle tragic situations with social media and put comfort in the mind of those who have something invested.

In my mind it boiled down to three basic forms of communications:

  • -Social Media
  • -Email
  • -WOM

With these three methods of communication almost any situation that you don’t mind making public, which if you are a business should be everything because let’s be serious secrets do make money unless you’re selling them, and that isn’t always legal.

Either way you can start your own rumors with social media. If you can foresee an event, it is important to act before it can land. So if you can inform your network that you have the situation under control by notifying them in a tweet saying

“Be aware, if you use our service you may experience technical difficulties for the in the next few days, we are sorry for the inconvenience. We are working to resolve the situation.”

With proactive communication you can control the situation instead of letting it control you.

The same can be done with email, and the only reason I would recommend using an email blast is it shows an extended amount of care to those people who have a solid enough relationship with you to have shared their email with you. Showing this extra care will only serve to foster that relationship and help generate positive WOM

By WOM I am referring to “word of mouth”, arguably the most important aspect of communication for a business. WOM is so important because you cannot guarantee control over what people are saying about you with anything less the Benjamins, but you can influence what people are saying using the above mentioned tools and a positive customer care.

Creating a situation of proactive engagement and on the ball response times can damn near tie the reins on the wild wind that is “WOM” and help you to dodge the long road to rumor town.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Marketing, The Formula

So I recently applied to a marketing position that required you to explain marketing in a creative way. I pondered the project for some time and since I lack the technology for a feature length film on marketing I went with the next logical choice... breaking marketing down into a full blown mathematical formula. I understand that this is quite the undertaking and also realize that it may take a lifetime to perfect, but hey if Einstein can do it with science why can't I do it with marketing. Anyways, I thank the fine people at Silver Square for the inspiration. Hope you all find it useful...

To explain my thoughts on what marketing is I contemplated on several different ideas including video, (which I shot down because I lack adequate editing software), an essay (I omitted this because it obviously lacks the creativity to appropriately express my feelings on marketing), and interpretive dance (this was one of my top choices until I realized you cannot effectively send a dance in an email). Having gone through those options and a few others I decided to create a formula that can mathematically show what I believe that marketing is.

Product + Resources + Relationships^2 = (MARKETING)

Now this is obviously a very vague overview of what marketing could be so I took the liberty of breaking the equation by section.


Product is obviously a number of things so for the purposes of this formula I have broken it down:

Product = (direct) (indirect)

Direct = (tangible objects + services)

This is the thing that will actually be transferred to customers, any objects or ideas combined along with services that are offered either in place of or in addition to a tangible product.

Indirect = (relative knowledge +experience)

The indirect aspect of product references the pertinent information and related experience to/with the direct product. This is an important aspect when talking about marketing because it can have a direct influence on customer satisfaction, repeat sales, and client referrals.

Taking this into account your new product equation is:

Product = (tangible objects + services) (relative knowledge +experience)


Resources understanding an allocation is a very important and extensive portion of marketing, thus it is the largest portion of the formula.

Resources = physical + time + personnel

This is not the elaborate equation promised, but hang in there it will be.

Physical in this equation stands for little more than essential tangible resources such as technologies, paper, buildings, desks, ink, cameras, recorders, ect.

Time = (available hours – hours after deadline) + overtime

For the purpose of this explanation I have narrowed time to the spectrum of the work week. Where time is the amount of hours left until your dead line within the normal confines of the work week less any hours that remain in the week later than the assigned deadline in addition to any extra hours that personnel are willing to attribute to a project out of their personal time.

Personnel = (ability +personality + creativity) quantity

Personnel is defined by the amount of people available represented by “quantity”. Understanding that it is nearly impossible to define or measure the quality of a person I have instead narrowed it to the relevant attributes to marketing being the ability that a person as, their personality, and the extent of their creativity.

The resulting equation is:

Resources = Physical + [(available hours – hours after deadline) + overtime] + [(ability +personality + creativity) quantity]


By far the most important aspect of marketing, relationships are the key factor in any successful marketing activity.

Relationships^2 = (relationships)(relationships)


So after having stretched out the formula to its full size you have:

MARKETING = [(tangible objects + services) (relative knowledge +experience)] + {Physical + [(available hours – hours after deadline) + overtime] + [(ability +personality + creativity) quantity]} + [(relationships)(relationships)]

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Content as a Product?

Today I am sitting in a local coffee shop eves dropping on the people next to me, which by this time seem to be two entrepreneurial men trying to start some sort of software company and a female consultant they had contacted to help get their gig going. However nice of a story that is it is mostly unrelated to what actually sparked this post. At one point in their conversation the consultant leaned in close and said that “you are selling your information and expertise, your content.”

Maybe it was just the way that she said it or maybe I misunderstood what she had meant, but it started an argument in my head. “Is a company’s content its product? Is it possible for a company to compete selling its ‘content’ while so many others are giving it away for free? How can a company get away with that?...” The list of questions went on and on for about 10 minutes until myself and I agreed that we believe that any more a company trying to sell its expertise and information is no longer enough. With nearly every company on the face of the earth possessing its own web space and most of the well-designed/higher traffic sites having blogs that give their content away for free, how could one suggest that the product these men were supposedly bringing to market was solely information?

Take one of the companies that I view to be on the forerunning edge of internet technology, SEOmoz, they have employees across their entire organization sharing their thoughts, tips, and secrets to the entire world! Hell, they even let the public try their product for 30 days FOR FREE! Sound crazy? It should. It is a down right outrageous strategy that is working wonderfully for them. This is because they have realized it is not the information that they are selling, they are selling the experience that tells one what to do with that information.

So to bring me full circle, I wish I would have had heard that consultant and have leaned over to say, you’re wrong. I should have walked over sat down and said that the information you have isn’t worth anything to a customer, because if you want to charge for it, then the customer can just Google “Information like what company XYZ is trying to sell” and they will most likely be given 200 links to sites more than happy to give away the same exact information for free. Finally, I should have finished by saying that since your information is basically worthless, you have to focus on selling the fact that you know what to do with the knowledge you possess and that you are willing to share that with those that choose to buy your SERVICE.

Then these people, these poor business men running company XYZ, who would have been trying to sell information as a product, while Blogger Bob gives it away for free, would realize that they don’t have to focus on selling their information at all, but they must key in on selling their experience and guidance on how to use this information as a service. Feel free to disagree and please if you have a valid point share, I wrote this in the passion of the moment and realize I may have skipped over some exceptions such as the media or encyclopedia companies. Have a good day!

Monday, July 25, 2011

QR Codes: Creating the Link Between Physical and Digital

A week or so ago I went on a spur and created QR codes for every webpage remotely connected to me; LinkedIn, AboutMe, Twitter, Facebook, and my other blog Everyday Dude Food on which I took a short post to explain in a very simple, quick, and ultimately inefficient way my limited understanding of what QR codes are. With this post however I am back to explain in a little greater detail, and hopefully more accuracy, what these little increasingly popular black and white boxes are and what function they serve.

Wiki defines QR codes as…

“a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by dedicated QRbarcode readers and camera telephones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background.”

… this of course without further research meant nothing to me so I began to dive deeper and finally landed with the following definition…

“A QR code is a two dimensional barcode that holds the function of being a visual representation for specified information that can only be deciphered using specialized scanners or with special downloadable apps for smartphones, connecting the physical world with the digital world.”

…this definition can be broken down further into several parts; two dimensional barcodes, specified information, and connecting physical and digital worlds. In the following I break down these three pieces just a little further.

Two dimensional barcodes. Basically a QR code is the same thing as the barcodes that you encounter in the grocery store on that can of soup you love to buy, but there is one major, and quite obvious, difference. While regular barcodes look like this

QR codes have the trait of holding information not only across their horizontal axis, but also vertically. This second dimension added to the code allows for greater amounts of information to be held within those tiny black and white squares, making the QR code a better choice for those trying to maximize the bang for their buck or scan because they can hold not only more, but more varied amounts of information and actions. Which brings me to the next piece of the above definition, “specified information”

Specified Information. From what I have read, it seems that QR codes can do nearly anything. You can create a QR code that simply displays listed information when scanned, or generate one that causes an action to be taken. This action can be to navigate to a certain webpage or even to dial a phone number contained in QR’s sequence.

This is astonishing to me, but I wonder if it should be? With the current programming capabilities that allow us to create factories that can totally run themselves, raw material to finished product, it seems that the only limit to the two dimensional code is its 4,300 alphanumeric character max which I have no clue if that is a small or large amount when it comes to programing, but it is obviously enough to link the world around us into the world behind our computer screens.

Linking the Physical and Digital Worlds. This to me is an amazing accomplishment. Taking an actual physical objects and creating pathways into the digital information about them. I am unsure why, but it reminds me of A Wrinkle In Time, and being able to “tesseract” between different dimensions, and is almost as amazing…almost. I guess however a more accurate comparison would be how in The Matrix humans are able to transport between the physical world and “the matrix” or a digital representation of the real world... but I digress.

This ability to link the physical world with the digital world has untold applications and serves as a great opportunity for marketing and operations experts alike creating an easy path for customers to find information, contact producers, give feedback, and much more. If you are interested in some good marketing applications I found this good post on FastCompany and am sure there are many, many more available if you look.

Needless to say, QR codes are pretty cool and I would advise you all to expect to see more and more of them being that they are so damn useful and efficient. However, and this may just be me being optimistic and excited, but I want to know what the next step is. If QR codes connect products into the digital world, how long will it be until we are rolling around on light cycles down the streets of Tron? Again, maybe just me, but a guy can dream.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ways Social Media Is Like Nature: Unpredictability

This is the first post in a series of posts that I have been thinking about writing connecting the natural world around us to the technological world of social media in our computers. To kick things off I am going to start with the unpredictability of social media and nature.

Social media is unpredictable. Now, I know many of you may say that this is not true and that meteorologists and data analysts/social media experts can both tell the future. I say you, and anyone agreeing with you is full of… it. The weatherman is right say about 4% of the time and I am almost positive I could guess without looking outside and get it right as much as they do. I mean you only have (generally speaking) a few choices; Hot or cold, dry or wet, sunny or cloudy and half of these can be identified by knowing the time of year and geographic location… and even then there has been hail in Texas during June. Social media is just as, if not more, irregular. The numbers of factors that play into social media interaction are numerous; I am just going to ramble off the first few in my head right…… now

1.) All of your followers

2.) Changes in your industry

3.) Technology updates

With those three I think there is a great point made. Actually, I believe that 2 and 3 are not even necessary. Your followers, their interaction with you and your brand, the very thing that makes social networking social is also the very thing that makes it unpredictable. You can never prepare for an ill-timed negative post about your company or person just like you cannot prepare for being struck by lightning. You can however prepare by staying engaged and watching for the signs of poor weather and be ready to handle the situation when it arises by having a strong and consistent message to communicate that can be transmitted again and again by your loyal followers. Just like an umbrella, this web of friends will help keep you dry when the social weather takes an unexpected turn for the worst.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

1st Post: Google Plus

Another Stepping Stone To World Domination!

I find it only fitting that the first post that I throw up here for you all (you all probably being limited to my parents and friends who have nothing else to do for the time being) to read be the new “it girl” in social media, Google+. Google + although still in its infancy seems to be taking on the internet by storm! I came across a post on ReadWriteWeb that put the number of Google+ being over 10 million users already! This is an outrageous number and if this kind of growth holds steady, Google + will certainly be another roundhouse that Google can add to its repertoire of killer products.

It is no surprise that so many people have jumped on the Google+ band wagon. Google has dominated the web to the point that it is almost literally everywhere you browse. Not only do they have a product for everything, but it is as though they strategically waited for social media to develop and mature before breaking into the social media scene. Over the past few years rapid developments in social media such as the rise of location based services, mobile apps, photo sharing, link shortening, and much more have taken place. Google+ without failure serves to combine many if not all of these features that it took many different social networks since the dawn of time, or at least the dawn of social media to develop. Not only did Google bring all of those dishes to the table, but they brought the ability to segregate your streams and followers into different circles of followers, and allowing you to quickly access the rest of your favorite Google products quickly and efficiently.

It seems from my point of view that Google has knocked the social media ball out of the park so far that it makes what it was trying to accomplish with Google Buzz look like a toddler striking out at bat during a tee ball game. My only problem with this big accomplishment by Google is that it takes it one step closer to complete world domination.

Please, share your thoughts and impressions on Google +. I want to know whether people believe this is THE next big thing to take over our lives or just another bat in Google’s already stellar lineup or quite possibly both.

Have a good day!