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Thursday, July 21, 2011

1st Post: Google Plus

Another Stepping Stone To World Domination!

I find it only fitting that the first post that I throw up here for you all (you all probably being limited to my parents and friends who have nothing else to do for the time being) to read be the new “it girl” in social media, Google+. Google + although still in its infancy seems to be taking on the internet by storm! I came across a post on ReadWriteWeb that put the number of Google+ being over 10 million users already! This is an outrageous number and if this kind of growth holds steady, Google + will certainly be another roundhouse that Google can add to its repertoire of killer products.

It is no surprise that so many people have jumped on the Google+ band wagon. Google has dominated the web to the point that it is almost literally everywhere you browse. Not only do they have a product for everything, but it is as though they strategically waited for social media to develop and mature before breaking into the social media scene. Over the past few years rapid developments in social media such as the rise of location based services, mobile apps, photo sharing, link shortening, and much more have taken place. Google+ without failure serves to combine many if not all of these features that it took many different social networks since the dawn of time, or at least the dawn of social media to develop. Not only did Google bring all of those dishes to the table, but they brought the ability to segregate your streams and followers into different circles of followers, and allowing you to quickly access the rest of your favorite Google products quickly and efficiently.

It seems from my point of view that Google has knocked the social media ball out of the park so far that it makes what it was trying to accomplish with Google Buzz look like a toddler striking out at bat during a tee ball game. My only problem with this big accomplishment by Google is that it takes it one step closer to complete world domination.

Please, share your thoughts and impressions on Google +. I want to know whether people believe this is THE next big thing to take over our lives or just another bat in Google’s already stellar lineup or quite possibly both.

Have a good day!

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