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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Chinese Twitterphone

So the MTV VMA’s were last night and as you can assume the twitter world was cluttered with tweets about performances and award winners, both positive and negative. Many came out in full force to tweet their love of Adele’s soul moving performance as well as Lil-Weezey’s tight pants and some rather confusing tweets about Lady Gaga…. Or in light of some of the tweets Mr. Gaga???

I have not researched the topics very much yet, not being what you would call a “Pop culture expert” and thought this post would be better if written while still in my confused state. The nature of this post is to show the influence of a person or company’s actions on not only those who choose to follow you, but those who are friends with those people.

I understand that the rich and the famous do the things that they do on stage for a reason. They are carefully constructing their images so that we the public will stand in awe, but it seems that they often forget the dreaded Chinese telephone, or in this case twitterphone, effect. Point in case, Lady Gaga...I understand that she is not the most normal person in the world and I actually love her music. She has constructed some kind of reputation for herself. In no way can I begin to define her and maybe that is what she is going for, but according to tweets from last night she is a… sheman with junk who loves women and can’t make up her mind on if she likes meat or has meat…(a condensed compilation of about 12 tweets). This is outrageous.

Now realizing a company doesn’t really have a sexual orientation, the same thing can happen to companies. If a company makes a move that disagrees with a certain demographic they must realize that the Chinese twitterphone will take the actual action and throw it in a blender and unless they have carefully thought through the situation they may end up with an audience as confused as I am on Gaga.

I am not expert however, I believe that if you just take a second to think about what you are doing, realizing that your actions will have repercussions and then make the call if it is worth it or not. Then if you do decide to go for it, plan ahead to make sure your audience and their followers don’t turn you into a lesbian hermaphrodite which, if you are not, is not the most flattering of labels.

FYI I love Adele and really wish I would have seen her.

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